Payroll services Melbourne

Accurate, timely, cost effective payroll. That’s Outstanding Bookkeeping.

Payroll is time consuming and the consequences of mistakes can be serious. Skip the stress and make life easier by outsourcing your business’s payroll to an experienced payroll service provider like Outstanding Bookkeeping.

We’ll save you time and money by managing all aspects of your payroll and ensuring your employees are compensated correctly and on time. We’ll also make sure that you’ve met all your obligations to give you peace of mind – and more time to work on your business.

A one-stop shop payroll service

Outstanding Bookkeeping have years of experience helping Melbourne businesses just like yours with payroll. Our diligent, accurate and knowledgeable bookkeepers can help with every aspect of payroll, including:

  • Payroll Processing: calculating, processing and emailing payroll/payslips
  • Single Touch Payroll: calculating, reconciling and lodging STP
  • Superannuation: calculating, reconciling and lodging superannuation on monthly or quarterly basis
  • Workcover: calculating, reconciling and lodging workcover
  • Payroll Tax: calculating, reconciling and lodging payroll tax
  • Long Service Leave: calculating and processing LSL

Our service ensures that your payroll is completely seamless and simple so that you never have to worry about paying your employees and meeting your obligations again.

Payroll services Melbourne

Smarter payroll systems

Is your payroll taking longer than it should? Have you ever paid employees late or incorrectly? Is your current payroll provider expensive?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you need a smarter payroll system to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of your payroll. As part of our payroll service our experienced bookkeepers can take a close look at your payroll processes and systems and improve them from the ground up.

Ultimately this will save you time, money and stress on future payroll processing.

Only pay for what you need

Our payroll services are built to be efficient and affordable. That means you won’t overpay – we’ll tailor our service to your business’ exact requirements so that you only pay for what you need. What does that mean for your business? Better value payroll – simple as that.

Are you ready to make payroll easier and more accurate? Get in touch with the payroll experts at Outstanding Bookkeepers in Melbourne and enquire about our payroll services.

Your own dedicated payroll specialist

Payroll needs to be accurate, timely and compliant. To ensure your business’ payroll is always processed correctly and on time we’ll assign you your very own payroll specialist – one expert bookkeeper who has years of experience processing payroll.

Your dedicated specialist will get to know you and your business so that they understand all of your needs – plus they’ll always be just a call away, to answer your questions and allay your concerns. This translates to peace of mind, and a more effective payroll service.

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